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December 19, 2019 | BY: admin
United Airlines Reservations

On 15 December 2019, United Airlines launched the “UA 1122” flight, a historic non-stop route from the United States to South African city- Cape Town. This is the U.S.’s only direct flight that connecting the two distinct parts of the world and saving eight hours of travel time. The year 2019 becomes a very successful year for United Airlines; it’s launched and announced lots of new routes that will positively affect the economic growth of the airline. The tickets sale “UA 1122” flight is live now, you can easily purchase tickets through United Airlines Reservations and save up to 30% on airfare.

Know about the airline

United Airlines is a major American carrier known for its vast route network. The airline offers its scheduled flight services over 340 destinations in 74 countries including Asia, Africa, Americas, Europe, the United States, and Oceania. Using its huge fleet of 790 aircraft, United operates more than 4,900 flights every day. It is one of the founding members of the world’s largest airline alliance- the Star Alliance.

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News in Details:

Finally, the historic “UA 1122” flight took its first take-off from Newark Liberty International Airport to South African city-beautiful Cape Town. Before launching this flight, travelers flying on this route had to connect through Europe or through Johannesburg which took over 19 hours or more. But, now passengers can fly direct from New Jersey, Newark to Cape Town and save around eight hours round-trip. On the occasion of the first flight, the departure gate was decorated for ribbon-cutting celebration with flowers, balloons, and dancers, showcasing the vibrant culture of South Africa.

The flight took nearly 14 hours going to Cape Town and 16 hours to return to Newark. This flight covers around 7,817-mile which set a new record of United’s longest flight and longest route operated by an American carrier. The flight will fly thrice in a week, but only between December to March when tourist season in Cape Town touches the peak.

Facilities on the aircraft

United Airlines is using Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner for this route:

Polaris Business Class

Features- Passengers will get an amenity kit full of goodies such as Bose over-the-ear headphones and Sunday Riley skincare. United Airlines is severing a three-course meal along with a great collection of spirits to boost the pleasant part of the flying. Passengers who require special dietary meals during flight can book it through United Airlines Reservations.

Seats- The flight round-trip journey is longer than 30 hours which might sound too much for most fliers. But, United Airlines is ready to tackle this situation. United is using its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner featuring 48 seats of Polaris business class seats which make the journey painless. Every 20.6 inches seat coverts to 180 degrees fully lie beds with 7 inches seat pitch. Every seat comes with a soft mattress and throw-blanket of Saks Fifth Avenue and a memory foam pillow.

Economy Class with United Airlines Reservations

Features- All passengers will get complimentary snacks, beer or wine, meal and lots of other perks.

Seats- United offering seats for Economy Plus and Basic Economy both. There are 88 Economy plus seats which is 17.3 inches wide with 35 inches of seat pitch. The 116 seats of basic Economy is available which is around 16.3 inches wide with 32 inches of seat pitch. All seats of the cabin feature personal screen, USB port, and a power socket. For UM and Lap child arrangements, make sure to notify about requirements while making a reservation via United Airlines Reservations.

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